Car Show Room

CarMart Digital Showroom Mobile friendly 3D visualization This was a project done for a launch of a car showroom. 3D models were optimized for mobiles by reducing mesh count and optimized the textures while maintaining sufficient quality to be able to run in most mobile devices.   Client Carmart Our Roles(s) 3D Model manipulation Application development […]


Zooxanthellae Coral Conservation Goes Digital Sri Lanka Telecom has launched a computer-generated coral conservation Facebook game to raise awareness and engage the tech-savvy young generation in the conservation of coral reefs. Coral reefs are diverse and economically valuable ecosystems that are home to nearly one-quarter of all known marine species. The game aimed to encourage […]

Elk Link Mobile

Home Security Home security at your finger tips ElkProducts USA worked with us from 2014 to 2017 to build their home security platform. The operation model was an “Extended Team” model where FCS had a team of engineers working closely with the ElkLink team. Client Elk Products Ltd Our Roles(s) Mobile development Web Application Development […] Online news at your fingertips! ‘Four Corners’ partnered with ‘News Tech’ to introduce an online news station to provide accurate, concise and timely news alerts on worldwide updates. Accordingly, – online web application was implemented which features a clutter free easily readable layout, quick search features, news tracking, and interactive sharing options that […]

Keells Super Foremost online shopping mall in Sri Lanka Together with Keells Super – a subsidiary of John Keells Holdings, FCL implemented the Sri Lanka’s first eCommerce application in 2002. The web application makes Keells Super customers’ everyday lives easier by providing retail purchasing, delivering to doorsteps, prompting special offers/promotions and many more significant functions. Client […]

Doktor Hemma A modern solution requires a modern website. Doktor Hemma Stockholm AB anticipated to revamp the landing website of their innovative healthcare solution. We designed and developed a mobile optimized, responsive and SEO friendly website with modern UI/ UX practices. Client Doktor Hemma Stockholm AB, Sweden Our Roles(s) Website Design Development UX, Iconography Content Strategy […]

ERG Insight

ERG Insight Address the needs of the Employee Resource Groups and the organization at large. This is a Multi-Tenant SaaS” platform built to the specifications given by the product owners Cockerham Associates. We have been working with them for over eight years, building and maintaining this product.” Client Cockerham Associates, USA Our Roles(s) Website Design […]

Pizza Hut Streamline online ordering From 2015-2019, we developed and maintained Pizza Hut Sri Lanka’s online pizza ordering system. This system covered all aspects of online ordering covering all of 105 Pizza Hut locations in Sri Lanka. Client Gamma Pizzakraft Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Our Roles(s) Website Design Development UX, Iconography Content Strategy Technology Microsoft .Net Microsoft […]

SLT GO Make Yourself at Home with SLT GO Sri Lanka Telecom PLC anticipated to design and develop the landing website of their project SLT GO. We designed and developed a mobile optimized, responsive and SEO friendly website with modern UI/ UX practices. Client Sri Lanka Telecom PLC Sri Lanka Our Roles(s) Website Design Development UX, […]


Bringing Dreams to Life with AR/ VR As Four Corners Lanka Private Limited, We have almost 20 years of experience in IT consulting and giving cutting edge IT solutions for the market. We have understand that next generation of marketing is depends on Virtual reality and Augmented reality solutions. Client In-House R&D Our Roles(s) 3D […]