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Coral Conservation Goes Digital

Sri Lanka Telecom has launched a computer-generated coral conservation Facebook game to raise awareness and engage the tech-savvy young generation in the conservation of coral reefs. Coral reefs are diverse and economically valuable ecosystems that are home to nearly one-quarter of all known marine species. The game aimed to encourage the conservation process and promote the importance of preserving natural heritage in Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka Telecom PLC,

Sri Lanka

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3D modeling & Scene Design

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A First-Person Coral Adventure Game

In 2017, Sri Lanka Telecom planned a Coral Reef preservation awareness campaign as their yearly CSR. For that purpose we developed this game.

The “Diver” is the key character of the game representing the player. Goal is to collect the garbage on the sea bed and get points within the given time frame. The game will also provide technical information about various types of corals and their habitats. Five different types of corals. These two categories of corals appear depending on the depth of the sea and the distance to the beach. The diver has limited oxygen. So he has to plan where to dive, to what depth and collect garbage without getting killed