Four Corners Software

Our Products

Below are some of the Off-The-Shelf products we provide

PassionScope was created to help individuals identify their work passions and guide them to optimal careers. Our product is ideal for organizations and educational institutions that mentor/help individuals to plan passionate and inspired work lives.

A modern cloud-native ERP solution with modular access for businesses of all scales across a wide range of industries.

Cloud based corporate training platform, a gamified, social-driven Learning Management System designed to make training easier, interactive and engaging.

ROFI Cars arises with a vision of providing travelers with their desired rental vehicles. Traditional car rentals offered are usually overpriced or, in some cases, unregulated. ROFI aims to provide a platform where its members can easily access better, and unique vehicles at more affordable prices. No more guessing whether your next vehicle is what you saw online!

A device agnostic low cost cloud solution for any business that needs to take control over the content they publish. Wherever your devices are you can control how/when/what they publish to your target audience.