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A CMS for Sri Lanka's Largest Telco

Sri Lanka Telecom is the oldest & largest telecommunication company in Sri Lanka, with 3 million fixed-line customers. More than eight years ago, we developed a comprehensive content management system. One of the largest CMS in Sri Lanka considering the amount of content delivered. Sri Lanka Telecom has been actively collaborating with us during the last seven years to date.


Sri Lanka Telecom PLC,

Sri Lanka.

Our Roles(s)

Website Design


UX, Iconography

Content Strategy





Icons Used

Fully Responsive

SLT web application consists with 126+ web pages and 28+ tailor made design templates. The solution is fully optimized for mobile devices and 56% of users are accessing the solution via mobile devices.


Sri Lanka’s largest ever gaming tournament with their next-level fibre optic broadband – and it’s set to be the ultimate adrenaline rush.