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Mobitel is the biggest mobile provider in Sri Lanka, serving seven million customers. We have a strong active collaboration with Mobitel and developed a content management system with many enhancements.

Since 2015


Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd.,

Sri Lanka

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Website Design


UX, Iconography

Content Strategy





The website insights evidence that the application is accessing by 2000+ concurrent users including more than 150 guest user and 1000+ registered per day. The mobile optimized and SEO friendly web solution facilitated Mobitel to reach more customers and upsurge their online sales. FCL is providing support and maintenance services for more than 15+ years to enhance Mobitel’s public recognition.


‘Inzpire’ is the largest and fastest growing online hub for digital services in Sri Lanka. The solution was designed and developed by Four Corners and powered by Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd. You can browse through the ‘Inzpire’ marketplace and find services or solutions fit your need.