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Production Floor Auditing

Digitize auditing process

MAS Holdings, the largest garment manufacturer wanted to streamline their manual auditing process. They came to us expecting a solution that would allow them to capture findings in the auditing process in the factory floor.


MAS Holdings, Sri Lanka

Our Roles(s)

Business Analysis

Website Design

Application development



Microsoft.Net stack


Azure Platform Services

Our solution had a web based backend and a mobile application

System was a cloud based using Azure services. Auditors use the mobile application to record their findings in the factory floor using text, images and voice input.

At the end of the audit they sync the data to the central application where data is summarized and reports are generated. 

Additional data is exposed via PowerBI for further analysis.

Auditor Mobile Application

Each auditor use this mobile application to capture the data, give ratings. Collected data will be pushed to cloud for further processing.