Four Corners Software

How We Work

Our well experienced software engineering professionals always following the best software development practices.


The secret of our success is fully dedicated software engineering professionals, who always enjoy what they do and are fully committed to the projects. Although our developers have 24/7 supports, they often respond after hours to corporate emails to ensure that your software platform is as good as possible.


All our teams follow Scrum methodology that has proven to be excellent and helps keep everyone involved in the project in sync. It helps all of us to be flexible for your needs and to deliver the software in iterative steps. Everyone can participate in the daily stand up or take a closer look in the Jira backlog regardless of whether you are in Europe, Australia or America.


Regular knowledge sharing sessions, code reviews and daily stand-ups means that all team members are aligned well and when it comes to implementing a similar feature to existing ones, nobody needs to reinvent the wheel. The other teams that are active in other projects can rely on shared knowledge and expertise. Fast reaction time and accessibility are one of our top priorities. We really want to be your extended team. So you can be sure that every member of our team is a phone call, MS Teams call or an email away apart from regular daily/weekly meetings.


It is also important to test and validate. For us, a tester is a must, which creates scenarios for testing, regressions and automated integration, as well as unit and UI tests.